Terms and conditions for RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING´s website www.rygaardsfritid.com

(unofficial translation provided by Rygaards Fritidsforening - August 2012)

About Rygaards Fritidsforening:


Danish organization: association (“Association”)

CVR number (company number) : 10 36 93 39


Rygaards Fritidsforening
Bernstorffsvej 54
2900 Hellerup


Official e-mail address: fritids@rygaards.com

Official web address: www.rygaardsfritid.com


All prices on www.rygaardsfritid.com are in Danish Kroner and are non-inclusive of VAT (Moms). VAT is not applicable for these services as we are an association (“Forening”).

You can use your Danish Dankort or Int. Credit cards to do the following:

- Sign up for one or more classes
- Take a waiting list position
- Be a passive member

Payments are made ahead for the following term.

Lessons missed because of the child’s absence (such as: due to illness, travelling, school trips, sports, school activities etc) will not be replaced or reimbursed.

    www.rygaardsfritid.com - RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING. Will apply a fee of 1.45 dkk. pr. transaction + 0.10% with purchases over 100.dkk- and 0.70 dkk. with purchases for 50 dkkr.- or under.

    There is no refund for transaction fees and via the log-in you can see what you are buying each time


    On www.rygaardsfritid.com you can pay using the following methods:


    Visa / Dankort

    mobile pay




    Payments are for future activities (not in arrears).

    We use quickpay.dk as the payment portal to Dankort, you can read more about security of online payment on their website.


    There is no right of withdrawal and No refunds or changes to classes are possible after joining a class or a waiting list. There is no option to participate in trial lessons before sign up.


    When you click on the homepage some statistical data is automatically gathered. This data is completely anonymous and can not be used to identify the user except when associated with a log-in. Sensitive data sent via the net is secure through the use of SSL encryption ("Secure Socket Layer"). This will protect the data on our users and place important information behind a firewall. Information is not kept encrypted on the server The information you provide will be treated confidentially and will not be used in connection with invoicing for RYGARRDS FRITIDSFORENING services or where users have signed up for the newsletter.

    As a registered user of RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING website, you will have access to the information you have provided and you can object to a registration in accordance with the personal data legislation in Denmark.

    Personal information is retained for 5 years after the last transaction. No registered personal information will be sent on to a third party in any form or at any point without permission or unless it is subject to a request from public authorities.


    Customers joining a class on RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING, will specify a username and an access code. Security in this regard is the customers own responsibility.


    Newsletters will be issued via email to the email address requested by the customer. Customers can deregister the request to receive the newsletter when canceling their profile.


    With customer log-in there are occasional cookies functioning on the site.

    With Internet Explorer (version 5.x) you can arrange for cookies to be canceled under the "Functions" menu - "Internet installation" - "Cancel cookies".


    Optimal use of the website can be achieved through the majority of popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome) and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).


    All prices are in Danish Kroner (not including VAT since we are established as a forening under Danish legislation)

    payment is taken by use of the following cards: Dankort, Visa / Dankort.

    www.rygaardsfritid.com - RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING. Will apply a fee of 1.45 dkk. pr. transaction + 0.10% with purchases over 100 dkkr- and 0.70 dkk with purchases for 50 dkk- or under.

    Customers are responsible for fees associated with the use of credit cards.


    Any changes to prices or payment arrangements will be notified to users on the website.


    RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING takes no responsibility for errors in the payment system.

    RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING is not responsible for any downtime or access problems associated with the website, power problems associated with use of the internet, vandalism to the system (both physical such as computer viruses or hacking), misuse of personal information or other details that are outside their direct control.


    RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING and their suppliers take no responsibility for www.rygaardsfritid.com , in any form. Information provided on the site will be as accurate as possible at the time of entry, however the association can not be held responsible for the website content or any errors in using the site, including but not limited to:

    - that an offered class does not meet the expectations of a user

    - that www.rygaardsfritid.com or related advertisements include

    accurate, reliable and updated information at the time of reading or that information is delivered in sufficient time and can be used for the prescribed specifications or intended use by the reader.

    RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING and their suppliers take no responsibility for, loss, accidents, directly or indirectly associated with the use of the website suffered by customers, clients, user or other third parties because of mistakes in advertising or pictures.

    Parties who cannot accept these conditions of use should avoid any use of the services offered by RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING and leave RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING's website immediately. .

    RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING cannot be held responsible for any website links to third parties. RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING take no responsibility for damage or accidents as a result of RYGAARDS FRITIDSFORENING use of www.rygaardsfritid.com

    Insurance: Parents must have their own insurance and children participate in activities at parents' own risk


    Comments, inquiries or complaints should be provided to:

    Rygaards Fritidsforening
    Bernstorffsvej 54
    2900 Hellerup Click here to see details of the association

    Click here to see the minutes of the annual general meeting

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    Rygaards Fritidsforening

    Bernstorffsvej 54, 2900 Hellerup