Fees cover lessons for the period as stated.

Prices may vary depending on equipment and materials requirements.

Membership fee is collected at first registration in each semester.

General Class Prices cover 14 lessons unless otherwise stated (one week break for half term is not charged)

Membership fee is 100 Kr
  • Collection of membership fee - at first registration in each semester.

Payment type:

Online payment at www.rygaardsfritid.com

Dankort / Visa-Dankort, eDankort, Mastercard, Mastercard-Debit, Visa, Visa-Electron, JCB, Maestro (3D), Mastercard (3D), Mastercard-Debit (3D), Visa (3D), Visa-Electron (3D) and JCD (3D) and mobile pay accepted 

we use NETS online payment, class place is only confirmed once the NETS checkout process is completed

Before you register and pay for participation, please remember to OPRET PROFIL / REGISTER PROFILE at our website www.rygaardsfritid.com (follow our sign-up instruction) - Office hours are Tuesday to Friday 14:00-15:30  (email fritids@rygaards.com)
  • The activities will be run only if there is sufficient enrolment. The courses with insufficient enrolment will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded. It is not possible to take trial lessons, nor is it possible to swap teachers once enrolled.
  • REMEMBER YOUR OWN INSURANCE: The child’s participation in the activities is at the parent’s own risk.
  • Lessons missed because of the child’s absence (due to illness, travelling, school trips, sports, school activities, school social events etc) will not be replaced or reimbursed.
  • Rygaards Fritids reserves the right to dismiss children who repeatedly disrupt the classes without reimbursing the fee.
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