Running (RC01)

Running Club will introduce the students to the basics of distance running. We will meet Wednesday and Friday from 3:00-4:00 in the New Gym for 14 weeks semester. Club activities will take place both on and off campus and will give students a sense of accomplishment and independence in a safe and welcoming environment. Studies show that running improves mood, focus, and mental health and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Running with a team will encourage friendships and give students a sense of lasting camaraderie.
 We run in comfortable clothes and running shoes. No previous experience in running needed. Students will run 3-4k per practice and will be grouped with others of their level.

students participate at parents own risk (remember insurance) 

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sports (SP01)

Sport activity in the New Gym, downstairs, indoor shoes required, equipment provided

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Dance and movement (DaM)
Contemporary Dance with Alice - a note from the instructor: "Contemporary Dance Classes introduce the students to the foundations of dance technique within this creative and beautiful dance style. The classes are fun, lively and playful while offering students a sense of freedom and expression. The classes will nurture confidence in a fun and safe environment through group cooperation, tasks, storytelling, their imagination and movement.  The classes will improve the students'' fitness, balance, musicality and coordination skills while giving them a creative outlet and opportunity to express themselves through movement.

We dance in comfortable clothes and bare feet or socks. No previous experience in dance needed!"

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Technology (SHR1)

Requirement for all IT classes: bring your own laptop

Coding with Python

Level 1: Begin Coding with Python Learn the basics of coding with Python, one of the world&rsquos most popular and powerful programming languages. We build simple games and solve puzzles. We explore how code is written and how to think like a problem solver!



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Arts & Crafts (A&C)
Arts & Crafts classes (Locations:Pottery/Keramik room/Artroom)
Various  art classes aimed at developing creativity and imagination

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Music with Agneta Mei Hytten (MAMH)
Individual music lessons (location: music building)

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Music with Franciska Laursen (MFL)
Individual music lessons (location: music building)

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Music with Olga Nikulina (MUON)
Individual music lessons (location: music building, room o1)
Please indicate in "bemærk" (comment box) which instrument you would like to play.
Voice lessons: please notice age requirements (min. 9 years of age).
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Music with Trung Hoa Tran (MUTH)
Classical Spanish Guitar/Ukulele.
Individual music lessons (location: the music building)
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