Paula Carneiro

Paula Carneiro is originally from Portugal. After moving to Qatar in 2014, she decided to diversify from her career in the pharmaceutical industry and, after a short period working in a Montessori oriented playgroup, Paula started her own playgroup. 

Her main motivations at the time were to find a place where her small daughter could meet people, make friends and develop her creativity. When Paula realized her passion her playgroup grew very quickly, soon she was hosting daily classes and theme parties for dozens of children. Featured in several publications in Qatar, she was well known in the expatriate community there.
Paula has been in Denmark since 2020 and her daughter, now 10 years old, attends Rygaards Skole in the International Dept. Her Play and Learn class will encourage children to be creative and playful in a fun and engaging environment! 
Shrihari Prabhakar

Prabhakar has an IT background and is a parent of a daughter in the International Dept. He is active in helping support Fritids. 


Anna Nikolova
Music teacher (piano)
With Rygaards Fritids from 2015.
Contact: Rygaards Fritids office (fritids@rygaards.com)
NB: on maternity leave
Christine Lohmann
Art teacher   
Christine is an educated graphic designer from The Danish Designschool Copenhagen (today KADK).
Christine specializes in acrylic painting, photography, drawing and collage.
With Rygaards Fritids since 2017
Contact: Rygaards Fritids office
Christoffer Astrupgaard
3D print IT courses
Contact: Rygaards Fritids office (fritids@rygaards.com)
With Rygaards Fritids since 2021
Franciska Laursen
Music teacher
 Franciska is a classically trained teacher of piano, composition and music theory with more than 35 years of experience. Her qualifications and education include  Music Diploma (Royal Conservatoire in The Hague) and Master classes at Conservatoire of Amsterdam and Guildhall School of Music, London. She is happy to teach in English, Danish, Dutch and German.
With Rygaards Fritids since 2019
Contact: Fritids office (fritids@rygaards.com) 
Mihaela Stefania COTELIN

Stefany Is a certified fitness instructor, she joined Rygaards international community in 2022 when her boys aged 7 and 10 years old joined the school. She specialises in aerobics and fitness - functional training, but most importantly she loves what she's doing!  Stefy sees fitness as a passion not a job. Her goal is to attract children into exercising in the correct way through fun activities, helping them to stay active, healthy & happy.

Stefy finds it incredibly rewarding to inspire in children (and adults!) a lifelong love for physical activity. Her class aims to set kids on a path to a healthier lifestyle.
Rashmi Jethani

  Art&Science teacher

 Rashmi is a qualified teacher and coding instructor. She is passionate about working with children. She is eager to try new things and loves to work on creative and fun filled ideas which inspire learning. She runs her Learning Centre which provides enrichment beyond the classroom. www.Lcen.dk She is associated with different international schools and runs after school clubs and activities. Her programs Little Reporters and Scratch coding run in collaboration with Nordhavn Avis and Obro Jagvej Library.


With Rygaards Fritids since 2017.
Contact: Rygaards Fritids office (fritids@rygaards.com)
Vicente Christensen
Arts & Crafts, Chess teacher
Vicente is a teacher at Rygaards School (Danish Dep.) where he teaches Art, History, Danish, Gym and other subjects.
With Rygaards Fritids since 1991.
Contact: Rygaards Fritids office (fritids@rygaards.com)
Angel Damjanov Angelov
Music Teacher (drums, guitar, keyboard and Music composition)
 Education:  Plovdiv Academy of Music, Bulgaria.
Angel is a professional musician and composer. He is a member of Copenhagen Trip Trio and plays jazz, rock and blues.
He is an experienced music teacher (Euro School, Copenhagen / International People college, Elsingør / Rygaards International School, Hellerup).
With Rygaards Fritids since 2007.
For more details please visit  www.angeldangelo.dk
Contact:  Rygaards Fritids office (fritids@rygaards.com)
Alice Presencer
Contemporary dance teacher

Alice is a multidisciplinary artist, trained as a singer, dancer and choreographer. In 2018 she was awarded with a first class honours degree in Voice and Dance. She is vocally trained in both Jazz and Classical singing, as well as having trained in dance at Trinity Laban and Dansehallerne.

She is based in Copenhagen where she works with sound and movement as a performer, facilitator, teacher, choreographer, creative associate and director.

With Rygaards Fritids since 2020
Massimo Ricci
Cooking class teacher

With Rygaards Fritids since 2016
Contact: Rygaards Fritids office
Trung Hoa Tran
Music Teacher: Classical Spanish guitar and Ukulele.
Education:  The Royal Danish Academy of Music (main subject: classical guitar) University College UCC, Zahle (education: music teacher) Højvangseminariet (pædagog).
Hoa has many years of experience as a concert guitarist and a music teacher.
Currently teaches guitar at Institut Sankt Joseph.
With Rygaards Fritids since 2010.
Contact: hoaguitar@yahoo.com  or Rygaards Fritids office ( fritids@rygaards.com )
Paula Martinez
 Paula Martinez holds an M.S. in Physical Education and is specialized in the motor development and learning field. She has 24 years of experience working across borders and in Denmark. She is the founder of Ludika Center for Development which provides understanding to children''s development and optimizes their resources for a better learning.
With Rygaards Fritids since 2018. 
Per Jacobsen
Sport Teacher (Football coach) 
With Rygaards Fritids since 2003.
Contact: Rygaards Fritids office (fritids@rygaards.com)
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