SFO  (after school club) 

It is ESSENTIAL to inform if your child attends SFO (afterschool care) at Rygaards School and what year and class they are in (for example 5X, 4Y etc). Please UPDATE class each school year and tick YES if they go to SFO in your child's profile. If this is not indicated, SFO are unable to send your child to their activity. 

Rygaards Fritidsforening is NOT responsible for your child going to & from their activity from after school care / SFO.

We do not provide wrap around childcare after school hours.

International Dept:  Reception Class and Year One (GSB) after school care -  If your child uses the Year One or Reception Class after school care in the International Department, there is no capacity to assist children going to and from Fritids activity, please ensure you are able to take your child to any booked Fritids classes yourself, or do not use the Fritids activities unless you are happy for your child to make their own way to the class.  Thank you 

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