CAMPUS MAP:   School Grounds 2022.pdf

Where to find...

LRC (Library) IT room (Coding) main building Learning Resource Centre Library, top floor, IT room at the back of the LRC 

Pottery room (pottery / keramik): main building basement, access down the ramp, next to the indoor bicycle shed (as you enter the door turn left)

Arts & Crafts room : Corner Art room, upstairs: first floor of the MEB  (white building in the park next to the SFO playground) Art classes, Play & Learn Science Around Us classes.

New Gym  (sports activities, Fitness class with Stefy and the Friday dance class): one storey building next to the Good Shepherd building; opposite the play area at the back gate. Badminton, Football 

(Chess) Room 027: main building, ground floor (next to the Fritids office)

School Kitchen (cooking) main building, ground floor (next to the old gym)

Music building (music lessons, choir, Wednesday dance classes, rooms Ø1 , Ø2, Ø3, large and small music rooms): one storey black building in the park next to the SFO playground.
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