Spring 2023 30.01.2023  -  26.05.2023

Dance & Movement (DaM)
Contemporary Dance with Alice - a note from the instructor: "Contemporary Dance Classes introduce the students to the foundations of dance technique within this creative and beautiful dance style. The classes are fun, lively and playful while offering students a sense of freedom and expression. The classes will nurture confidence in a fun and safe environment through group cooperation, tasks, storytelling, their imagination and movement.  The classes will improve the students' fitness, balance, musicality and coordination skills while giving them a creative outlet and opportunity to express themselves through movement.

We dance in comfortable clothes and bare feet or socks. No previous experience in dance needed!"

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Flute with Yael (YAFL)
Flute lessons with Yael
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French Native Speakers (ALIX)
French for mother tongue children - invitation only
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Movement with Paula (MWP)
Movement with Paula: optimizes children''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s resources and boosts their development. To join the class please contact the Fritids office to arrange a meeting with the instructor.
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Play and Learn (PC)
Arts & Craft activities for younger children in a fun and creative environment with teacher Paula 
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Science all around us (RJ)
Exploring everyday Science in fun and creative environment 
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Technology (SHR1)

Requirement for all IT classes: bring your own laptop

Coding with Python

Level 1: Begin Coding with Python Learn the basics of coding with Python, one of the world’s most popular and powerful programming languages. We build simple games and solve puzzles. We explore how code is written and how to think like a problem solver!



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Cooking (CTCD)
Cooking classes ( location: kitchen in the mail building).
 opportunity to learn the basics of genuine and creative cuisine or to improve the skills children already have. 
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Art with Christine (1½hour) (DAC)
Drawing&Painting/Tegn og Mal: learn various drawing and painting techniques.
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Arts & Crafts (A&C)
Arts & Crafts classes (Locations:Pottery/Keramik room/Artroom)
Various  art classes aimed at developing creativity and imagination

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Music with Agneta Mei Hytten (MAMH)
Individual music lessons (location: music building, room  o2)
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Music with Angelo D (MUAD)
Drums/Rock, Jazz or Bass Guitar/Keyboard/Music composition/Bands
Individual music lessons (Location: music building, room o3) 
Please indicate in "Bemærk" (comment box) the instrument you would like to play. 
If you are a group of young musicians and wish to play in the band together -  contact us, Angelo can guide you to success! 
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Music with Franciska Laursen (MFL)
Individual music lessons (location: music building, room o2)
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Music with Olga Nikulina (MUON)
Individual music lessons (location: music building, room o1)
Please indicate in "bemærk" (comment box) which instrument you would like to play.
Voice lessons: please notice age requirements (min. 9 years of age).
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Music with Trung Hoa Tran (MUTH)
Classical Spanish Guitar/Ukulele.
Individual music lessons (location: the music building)
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Sports (SP)
Sports classes (location: the New Gym). Important: bring indoor shoes for all sport practices held in the New Gym, outdoor shoes are not allowed.
Football practice: from basic to more advanced techniques plus teamwork and matches.
Badminton: introduction classes. Equipment: best bring your own racket.
 Yoga Eguipment: best bring your own yoga mat.
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Chess (OT)
Chess (location: room 012)
Chess/Skak: learn to play chess and practice while playing with other students. Levels: beginners, advanced
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Choir and Music Theory (CH)

Repertoire: The choir teaching will incorporate music from various kinds of styles, periods and cultures, songs, classic, modern and rythmic music.

Purpose and goals: Singing in Children´s Choir teach boys and girls how to express oneself through music and develop their musical univers and the joy of singing together. We train sound, articulation, listening, melody, rhythm, form and harmonics and the children gain musical and singing abilities and experience the joy of creating music in a group.  Children´s Choir offers choir singing to girls and boys at Rygaards School and in the local area Gentofte. We stimulate joy of singing from age 5-14 and optimize talent, ability, creative and musical talent and self confidence in an open and safe environment where everybody is welcome. Every choir rehearsal contains warming up, vocal training, solfège, new songs and each season presents a school concert and the children train performance and show examples of the repertoire.

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ONLINE music with Olga (OON)
Online individual  music lesson: violin, piano
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