It's really important to be aware, when booking, that Fritids activities are not intended in place of after school childcare, the Fritids organization puts on the classes, manages the teachers and does associated admin. We do not have the capacity to escort children around the school campus to different activities, it is expected that children are either escorted by parents or that parents are happy for their children to go to activities unaided. Parents are welcome to wait outdoors on campus while the activity takes place if they choose. If the children are booked in to the Anneks SFO then they are supported by SFO, if not they must be supported by parents. If you wish for full-time after school care from the end of school classes you must use SFO not Fritids. 

Caterpillars and Butterflies after school care - If your child uses the Butterflies Year 1 or Caterpillars Reception Class after school care in the International Department, there is no capacity to assist children going to and from Leisure activities, please do not book activities unless you can ensure you are able to take your child to any booked Leisure classes yourself . Thank you 

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