Payment is made at the time of registration so please have your Dankort or Creditcard ready. Classes will be filled in registration order so no changes or refunds are possible. Class registration will close as soon as a class is full. Consequently, please make absolutely sure that your child can attend the class you are paying for as we cannot make changes once you have paid.

1. Click on Bliv medlem to create a profile for your child:

  • Deltager Fornavn : is the child’s first name
  • Deltager Efternavn: is the child’s last name
  • Fastnet tlf: is the home telephone number
  • Deltager Fødselsdato: is the child’s birthday
  • Køn: is the sex of your child (mand-boy, kvinde-girl)
  • Ønsker ikke nyhedsbrev: Click this if you do NOT want the newsletter
  • Brugernavn: chose a log-in name for this child (minimum 7 letters, no spaces)


You must complete one profile per child participating in Fritids activities!!

  • Confirm the profile by clicking at the bottom of the page: Opret Profil


2. Go to Class Enrollment to sign up for a class. Click on the type of class (Sports, Language…) to see the schedule in that category.

3. Find the class you want and click on the price (eg 650.-) to continue to the payment page. You can use Dankort, Mastercard or Diners. Some classes are offered for Danish kids only, these classes start before 14:50.

Your child is not registered until payment is complete. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

4. Sign in again if you want to chose another class for the same child. Create a new profile if you want to sign up another child.

5. Ret Profil: (change profile) Click on this in case you need to change the information you have given on your child (eg: phone number, address…)

6. Mine tilmeldinger: (the user’s schedule). Click on this to see the classes you have registered and paid for.

7. Logout her: Click on this to log out or to change to another profile.


Please contact Fritids admin if you have problems signing up.

Phone: 52745260 (part time, at busy sign up periods if the phone line is busy please send an email)

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