Requirement for all IT classes: bring your own laptop

Coding Classes. A lifelong adventure starts here!

Fritids coding classes will start you on a lifetime’s journey into code and tech. You will learn a real computer language used by the pros. Lessons are upbeat and fun. And you will come away with skills that can take you anywhere.

Level 1: Begin Coding with Python

Learn the basics of coding with Python, one of the world’s most popular and powerful programming languages. We build simple games and solve puzzles. We explore how code is written and how to think like a problem solver!

Level 2: Continue Coding with Python

Now you understand the basics, it’s time to let rip with your own creative projects. Build text-based role-playing games, simple animations, or how about your own interactive novel?

Reminders and help are always available. What happens next is up to you!

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