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Pprogramme Spring 2022 (brochure in PDF) 


Welcome to Rygaards Fritidsforening!

Exciting array of after school activities for all ages and all levels. 

Classes are held on the campus of Rygaards school (Hellerup) but you do not have to be a student at school to join. Just create a profile on our website and sign up for classes.

NOTICE: Currently, due to ongoing covid restrictions, group classes are delayed start & are scheduled to commence week 8. Individual music lessons will still commence week 5 as planned.  

 To find out more about the classes  and to sign up - go to "Class enrolment"  Remember to create a profile for each child prior to registration!

Go to 'general info / sign up instructions' for more details on how to create a profile and to enrol.

Important: If your child will attend SFO it is ESSENTIAL that you check yes to the SFO question to ensure that your child is sent to their activity from SFO. 

Create a profile for your child before registration. 
Please remember to update your contact information if necessary (phone number and e-mail address). If you are unable to remember your user name and/or password, please contact the Fritids office at before registration.
 Please note that texts sent by Fritids to parents can only be sent to Danish phone numbers.