10 weeks courses, Online classes: Dance with Alice, Art Adventure, Little Reporters, Digital Book Making, Harry Potter Inspired 

 Art Adventure -note from the teacher: "The Art Adventure Program is a sequential curriculum, developing interaction between each student’s creative expressions and their appreciation for art. The Art Program provides maximum opportunity for each student to have hands-on experiences in producing their art, enhanced by the integration of art history.. Art education classes will encourage critical and creative expressions with various mediums like paints, acrlyics, crafts."

 Contemporary Dance - a note from the instructor: "Contemporary Dance Classes introduce the students to the foundations of dance technique within this creative and beautiful dance style. The classes are fun, lively and playful while offering students a sense of freedom and expression. The classes will nurture confidence in a fun and safe environment through group cooperation, tasks, storytelling, their imagination and movement. The classes will improve the students'' fitness, balance, musicality and coordination skills while giving them a creative outlet and opportunity to express themselves through movement.

 Little Reporter – a note from the instructor: “Little reporter is an interesting take on creative writing where children get will work on digital tools. Sessions will include, interviewing, debate, filming, editing, recording.”

Harry Potter Inspired - a note from the instructor: “Discover the Harry Potter magic through potions, spells, wand movements, transformation and more. We also plan to make edible snacks with the Harry Potter theme from items in your kitchen pantry. This is not a book club”.

Digital Book Making - a note from the instructor: “If your child is fascinated by animated story books…Digital Book Making Program offers an opportunity to design and create one’s own Digital books. We will work around creating stories, building adventure, adding images, crafting comics and developing our imagination digitally. The program is fun and easy….”


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