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Choir and Music Theory
Children’s Choir&Solfege | CMT2
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Repertoire: The choir teaching will incorporate music from various kinds of styles, periods and cultures, songs, classic, modern and rythmic music.

Purpose and goals: Singing in Children´s Choir teach boys and girls how to express oneself through music and develop their musical univers and the joy of singing together. We train sound, articulation, listening, melody, rhythm, form and harmonics and the children gain musical and singing abilities and experience the joy of creating music in a group.  Children´s Choir offers choir singing to girls and boys at Rygaards School and in the local area Gentofte. We stimulate joy of singing from age 5-14 and optimize talent, ability, creative and musical talent and self confidence in an open and safe environment where everybody is welcome. Every choir rehearsal contains warming up, vocal training, solfège, new songs and each season presents a school concert and the children train performance and show examples of the repertoire.

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Children’s Choir&Solfege  (age 5-14), price  900 Kr per 14 weeks

Fri 15:00-16:00, location: music room (music building). Teacher: Agneta Mei Hytten, language UK/DK

Fredag 15:00-16:00 Rygaards School, Friday
900,00 kr.
100,00 kr..

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